Pursue making others happy.

It all depends, on your pursuit of impact. What impact you want to make, in this world. Whether you want to leave a legacy behind before you die. Whether you want to leave a mark, to be able to say that you actually did something to make this world a better place to live. Whether you want to be a servant of cause. And once you start doing things that help others, you will soon keep realizing that your life has some meaning. And then god will give you happiness. & you wouldn’t have to run behind happiness. People always say “look for happiness”. But the truth is, happiness comes and goes. It is temporary. It excites you & makes you happy for sometime. & then? It fades away. So don’t make efforts to be happy. Pursue making others happy. I’m not talking about becoming a leader and leading the world. No. Do things as small as just being there for someone, listening to their problems, and helping them out. What matters most, is the “pursuit”. People compare each other and judge others on the basis of results. I believe, that will be accounted for, by god, on the basis of our “pursuit”, our efforts and our intentions. So never underestimate your efforts just because others do.