this is for those who have a broken heart

It’s never too late, to gather those pieces

and start loving again,

aspire for a new beginning, a novel start

for those who’ve squandered their faith in humanity

seek that child in you

don’t just yet, surrender your insanity

For those who’ve lost someone dear

it might be lost and hazy now,

but very soon, everything will be clear

and lastly,

for those who don’t want to live anymore

New opportunities await you;

Happiness is waiting ashore.

Hold on to that little faith you have in you,

Soon, you’ll ask for more.


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Just one.

When the moment comes for you,
Don’t let it pass by
For in the twinkling of an eye

Don’t let your past
Make it your last
In the end,
there will be a lot of relations spun
But love, just one.

After you miss that glance
All you’d have would be regrets
You’ll be caught in the remorseful webs

How you’d wish that you’d say yes
Life wouldn’t have been

Such a miserable mess

I say, pray

If you haven’t missed the boat

And  that’s the person
you’re looking for
Cross all limitations, have no fear

For in the end,
There will be many relations spun
But love, just one.

// Albina

The Ball

You see me, I look away

Our faces, concealed with masks

Masks, unraveled, unrevealed

Your porsche heart silent

Our lips sealed

You come, and pull me away

Time, go slow, don’t make hay.

Sublime poses

Hands maneuvering

Men in black tuxedoes,

And black ties.

Play the trumpet and sing

The way we move

Our souls unite

There, time, you did it again

The evening’s now over

I recall the memories of our love

The memories of the ball

The memories of us.



Life is unfair

Life is so very unfair

It has sorrow you can’t bear

But you are strong.
Strong enough to move on
Replace with joyous mornings
This dark dawn
Don’t ever feel the shame
For your life is reality, not a game
You don’t always sustain what you want
There always will be that someone
Giving you a menacing taunt
You may have shortcomings
You can go wrong
Till now you’ve lived life in misery
But now it won’t be too long
Don’t you ever doubt, who you are
It’s nasty, this world bizarre
Don’t lose your faith, in humanity
The child in you, is filled with insanity
Always remember
Life will forever remain unfair
There will be sorrow you can’t bear
But oh beloved
Don’t you ever fear.

// Albina